EMS Air-Flow® Treatment

Preventative dentistry

At Parklands Dental Care we continue to invest in our practice, adopting modern methodologies and revolutionary technologies. We are very proud to be able to offer our patients thorough cleaning treatments using the famous EMS Air-Flow® system.

The EMS Air-Flow® system is a complex method of professional mechanical tooth cleaning. The system projects a combination of air, specialised powder and water on to the teeth, providing a standard of cleanliness that could not normally be achieved. This pain free, non-invasive treatment is recognised as one of the most efficient methods of tooth cleaning and combating discolouration and can work wonders on even the most persistent of stains.  Our hygienist will be able to remove debris and plaque deposits in a matter of minutes, leaving you with a perfectly polished smile in no time at all. 

Before and after EMS Air-Flow® Treatment:

Before EMS airflow treatment
After EMS airflow treatment